Condominium/ Co-op Liability Insurance

All condo and co-op owners are aware that their various associations carry liability insurance for the common areas, however each individual owner is also required by the condo/ co-op bylaws to carry their own liability insurance covering their individual unit from injuries sustained by others.

The property section of your condo/co-op differs somewhat from that of a general homeowners policy since you technically do not own the walls, the ceiling or the roof of the building.

In addition to your personal property, you can insure the interior of your unit especially if you have substantially removed your space: such as changed the floors, installed new windows, a new kitchen or new bathrooms.

The Liability part of your policy will cover you from injuries or damages to others while on your premises.


Rented Property and Liability Insurance –since you do not own the property your landlord may require you to carry ‘renters insurance’ which basically covers your personal property against the same perils such as theft, fire and hail.

Liability Insurance steps up in case of a lawsuit brought against you by others.

Should you rent an apartment from a condo owner, said condo owner may well require you carry your own liability insurance, thud dispensing his responsibilities while you the renter are in possession of said apartment.